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China has started to use Artificial Intelligence in its surveillance system.

Artificial Intelligence:

The intelligence possessed by the machines is referred as Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the fastest growing Technology now a days. In this technology the machine observe its environment, behavior of other things and different events, learns how to perform well in different given situation and constant learning increases the chances of its success.


Facial Recognition:

The system capable of recognizing a person from its facial features through a digital image or video. It is mostly used for security purposes and can be compared with the finger print or iris scanner which are common in today`s security systems. Algorithm are designed so that the system identify through the relative size and position of nose, eyes, jaw and recognize the most matching image through a gallery .The improved versions are also capable of identifying the 3 dimensional image as well as more little details as skin tone, color of eyes etc.  The Facial recognition system consider the more little details of human face structure and ensures more security.

A facial recognition company Named Cloud Walk has made this system which will predict about the crime by the suspicious activities of a person. The system will track a person location, behavior and will predict how likely he is going to commit a crime. As example if a person chasing another continuously for a long time, the system will alert the police about this. At the moment this system is under practiced in 50 provinces. The system also has the ability to detect a suspicious activity in a crowded area as well. This system can recognize a person with the help of integrating facial recognition software with personal data collected by Chinese government. With the help of little improvement this technology can become the future of surveillance system and we can possibly predict all the criminal activities and could stop them.


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