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Do you know how deep sea is? Have you ever came to know about the creatures at different levels of sea? Do you know that there are also different ranges for different creatures below which they can’t go?

The world of sea is much larger than the human thinking. World with full of wonders. Only 5% of ocean has been discovered till now and nobody knows what is present in remaining 95%.


World record in sea diving is 214 meters. At this depth, death could be possible and doing such a stunt is really a rare thing.

500 meters deep is range of blue veil. “US sea wolf class submarine” can also cover this range. 35 meters more deep is the range of penguins. 1000 meters is the level where sunlight can’t reach. Think about darkness and dangerous creatures….Oh, it’s so dangerous.



1,280 meters below is the level where sea turtles can go. At 2 kilometers or 2000 meters there is black dragon fish and more 250 meters deep in water there is another dangerous veil.

At 4000 meters body of titanic is there which was struck against an iceberg 1912 and 1,500 passengers lost their lives. At this level the flow of water is 11,000 pound per square inch. 6,500 meters is the range of submarine who discovered the damage body of titanic.

Humans gone in the sea at depth of 10000 meters but could remain there for 20 minutes only because the glass of submarine broke. Mariana Pacific Ocean is the deepest part of the sea which is 10,994 meters and also called Mariana Trench which is really called deep sea or deep ocean.

If we put the largest mountain of the world in sea, can you imagine the mountain will disappear?

We have talked about depth but beside this there are also so many creatures in the sea. They are beautiful. They are dangerous. So many are gigantic enough to gulp humans. Fishes are a source of food also. Some people eat fish for its taste and some for their needs.

Have you heard about frilled shark? It lives in depths up to 5000 feet. It was caught in Japan and moved to a botanical gardens but died soon. There are also very strange creatures that you will not believe that such specimens subsists.

In short, the world of sea is so large that one can’t discover it totally but it is so much interesting and you will always enjoy to discover it.

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