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Hyperloop One is company in California trying to commercialize hyper loop  for the transportation of passengers and cargo at very high speed. The concept was first introduces by Entrepreneur and Engineer Elon Musk back in 2013.

Imagine traveling non-stop at the speed of 670 miles per hour under or above the ground. Hyperloop, A new mode of transportation invented by Hyper loop one.

Hyper loop works with the electric motor which basically composed of two basic components. Revorter which rotates and Stator which is stationery. Stator is an electromagnetic so when an electromagnetic current passes through it, it made the revertor attracted itself and spin. Unlike other electromagnetic motors, the hyperloop one motor is linearly not circular. Revertor is on the pod and propels magnetically to move over stator. Hyperloop uses Electromagnetic lavetation to guide and lift the pod over the track. All of the air inside the hyperloop is removed and create a vacuum using vacuum pumps and make an isolated environment same as 200,000ft. above sea level. This produces the energy efficient system and only requires only little electromagnetic energy to move the pod in hyperloop.

Recently, Phase two experiments of hyperloop touched another milestone and showed a remarkable progress. Hyperloop one reaches the speed of 310 km/h (192 mph) in its latest full-scale Nevada test. Hyperloop states that it was driven by 3.5x power in the test and achieved 3,151 horsepower.

Hyperloop further stated that it is aiming to attain the top speed of 250 mph but the longer distance will be required for that speed and the planned rout from Dubai to Abu-Dhabi will be able to gain the top speed of 500 mph and will travel 100 miles in just 10-15 minutes.

In Future, Hyperloop will be the fastest mode of transportation and fundamentally, it will change the way how we travel.

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