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Most of us know GOOGLE as a tech giant and use Google as our daily search engine but there are also many Google features which we don`t know. Let`s have a look at some of the features:


Use Timer and then write any time in Google search page. It will work as a timer and also as a stop watch. The clock will complete the specified time and will raise the alarm.

Built with chrome:

Build with Chrome is a digital builder that allows you to build with LEGO bricks anywhere in the world right in your browser on the map.

Number Speaker:

Write any number on Google search and with English following it. It will pronounce the number and also write the number in words.


Visit the stars and galaxies in the sky with this amazing feature. Go to and explore millions of galaxies in the sky.


This is a very useful feature. Go to and through this you can find the name of specific font and also the font families to use in your own websites as well.


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