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Khadija Siddiqui , 22 years old girl and student at private law college was attacked on 3rd May, 2016, just before 3 days  of her final exams by her classmate Shah Hussain,  son of advocate  Syed Tanvir Hashmi.

This Incident happened when Khadija Siddiqui went to pick up her 7 years old sister, Sophia from her school, where Shah Hussain wearing a helmet attacked on her and stabbed her 23 times in front of her younger sister. Miraculously, she survived the attacked and got 60 stitches on her neck.

A murder case was filed against Shah Hussain in Lahore High Court. Lahore High Court rejected his Pre-Arrest bail but later on he was granted Post-arrest bail after two months.

Khadija fought this case for more than a year and gain a remarkable victory. Though her journey to justice was tough, but she never gave up and remains determined.

Shah Hussain found guilty and has been sentenced to 7 years imprisonment and was arrested from the court room.

After the judgment she talked to Media and said:

Today a Milestone has been achieved. This was a big test for me and for my faith. Respect and disrespect is in hands of Allah but they forget that Life and Death is also in hands of Allah. I don`t have any personal conflict with anyone. I just wanted to get justice of that 23 stabs and I get that, Alhamdulillah. I thank all those who helped me to bring this case to a logical conclusion.”

Despite all the odds Khadija stood firm, determined and  become an inspiration for millions of people across Pakistan.

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