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Supreme Court of Pakistan concordantly ordered the disqualification of Prime Minister on Panama Case. This decision perplexes the political situation in the country and arises many questions.

What will happen next?  Who will be the next Prime Minister?

Although, Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified but he is still the Head of Pakistan Muslim League-N (Ruling Party). His Party with confederation parties still has 209 Seats out of 342 in National Assembly. So, it is evident that Nawaz Sharif will supervise the nomination of Next Prime Minister.

Presently, the President of Pakistan has two options to consider. First, he can dissolve the Assembly and Order the re-Election with the consent of Prime Minister which are due in 2018 Or, he could Appoint the new Prime Minister and re-continue the current period. In any case the successor of Nawaz Sharif would have to be appointed first.

Now, the question may arise: Who will be the next Prime Minister?

There are many names who considers to be the nominees for Next Prime Minister.

  • Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif:

The younger brother of Ex-PM and presently the Chief Minister of Punjab is probably the Next Prime Minister.

  • Khawaja Muhammad Asif:

Defense Minister and the most trusted friend of Ex-PM NS is likely to be the Next Prime Minister of Pakistan. He also held the central positions in PMLN since 1991.

  • Ahsan Iqbal:

Minister of Planning and Development of Pakistan and having long term affiliation with the party, he is also considered to be the strong nominee for Prime Minister.

  • Ch. Nisar Ahmed:

Until now, Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ahmed was Considered to be the major candidate for Prime Minister seat but yesterday in his long awaited Press Talk, he announced to resign from his seat.

What do you think who will be the Next Prime Minister??

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