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We have all watched many movies like Total Recall, Kingsman etc. in which a chips has been implanted in Human bodies to track their location and moves. It was all Science fiction until now as a Swedish company named Epicenter started to implant electronic chips in its employee to track their location.

Swedish Company Epicenter has implanted chip in more than 150 of its employee to track their location, their moves and time they work in office. These workers volunteered them to embed a chip in them which is as big as a size of rice grain.

With the use of this radiofrequency identification chip, the workers will be able to pay their canteen bill, open the doors, basically substitute a lot of things  as it is the replacement of RFID chips. You can have all your Mediacl history, your account details, what you work means your every single detail just on this mini chip.

Patrick Mesterton, co-founder and chief executive of Epicenter said:

“It’s an implant in the hand that enables them to digitize professional information and communicate with devices both personal and within Epicenter. Once ‘chipped’ with this technology, members can interact with the building with a simple swipe of the hand. Chips can also be programmed to hold contact information and talk to smartphone apps.”

While implanting a microchip in Employee`s hand.

This is an NFC chip similar to what we have in our smartphones nowadays. You don`t need a doctor to inject the chip in body instead, it can be done in tattoo and piercing shop. It is as simple as to do an earring.

So now many questions may arise:

What will happen next? Who will use it and for what it will be used for?

Let us know in the comment section below!!

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